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This Capitalist Exploits review covers in detail their products – subscription-based newsletter services with investment ideas and trade alerts for investors. People behind the brand name are presented and various aspects of their service are described.

How your life would change if most of your investments would be successful?

Are you tired of wasting time in swing trading? Want to start real investing? Learn about a team of entrepreneurs and investors, who can help you change your life forever.

Capitalist Exploits is a group of investors that sells various investment ideas targeting 5-10x gains.

It works like a newsletter service where subscription is paid and in turn, you get trades that target huge gains. Capitalist Exploits offer these services:

Insider (annual) – Many investment ideas with execution instructions

Insider Weekly – Weekly investment idea

Free Hedgies Uncut – Private telegram channel of fund managers

When subscribed, you get trade alerts and detailed weekly reports about the markets. In addition, Capitalist Exploits provide regular analysis of various sectors and share their investment actions, insights and timing in detail.

The newest investment area of Capitalist Exploits is agriculture. Because of lockdowns, the fragile global food supply chain was shaken. This most likely will lead to increased food prices.

Small investments today can bring big wealth after years.

Subscribers of Capitalist Exploits get investment ideas and execution instructions from professional money managers and investors, with experience in institutional money management, trading, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.

Capitalist Exploits in short

You can save plenty of your time because you do not have to search where to invest in. Capitalist Exploits find the best sectors to invest long-term with low risks for you. Thus you can spend more time with your family or friends!

In order to use investment ideas and trade alerts provided by Capitalist Exploits, you must have a broker account, capable to trade various financial instruments.

Capitalist Exploits recommend an international market broker Interactive Brokers to execute all trades.

Where and how invest Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits offer asymmetric investment ideas, where profit potential is much greater than the loss. If they don’t see a minimum of 3x returns, they do not consider that sector as a good investment idea.

Capitalist Exploits invest in sectors that have low-correlation with S&P 500. Investments target natural resources, agriculture, dollar, Japan, Greece, shipping, housing and other sectors.

Their latest research in the agriculture sector recently revealed huge opportunities for investors.

Capitalist Exploits do not pick single stocks, but prefer to invest in the whole sector by buying ETFs. If ETFs are not available, they suggest the basket of the stocks of the sector to invest in.

Almost all investment ideas suggested by Capitalist Exploits can be considered low risks.

In addition, they usually target 5-10x gains and most of the investments are for the longer periods of time (5-7 years) while some might be a little shorter.

Capitalist Exploits investment sectors

Capitalist Exploits not only provide investment ideas but invest themselves in the same trades. The owners of the company use no leverage in their trades, but you can use it if you want on your own risk. However, Capitalist Exploits suggest using no leverage.

How to get Capitalist Exploits investment ideas?

Capitalist Exploits offer a subscription-based “Insider” service with a free newsletter, blog. Also check their newly launched private telegram channel “Hedgies Uncut“, where Hedge fund managers discuss the economy and their investment ideas.

Below each Capitalist Exploits product is described in detail.

The main product of Capitalist Exploits is their subscription-based investment ideas and trade alerts service – “Insider”. This service provides long-term investment ideas in various sectors targeting 5-10x gains.

It contains information and insights where, why and how Chris Macintosh and his team invest in. Chris is the founder of Capitalist Exploits and he aims to profit from poor government and central bank policies that produce global uncertainty around the world in various sectors.

Click here to watch the UPDATE video about investments from Chris.

Insider Homepage screenshot 2020
"Insider" rates 5-Star in Trustpilot. Screenshot of "Insider" Homepage

Investment ideas provided by Capitalist Exploits come with clear explanations, historical performance, sector history and current market situation.

All investment ideas can be executed by everyone who has an online brokerage account. It does not matter where you live or how much you want to invest. Even beginners can easily execute the trades provided.

Click to access previous investment ideas from “Insider Weekly”.

Moreover, Capital Exploits lets you cancel your subscription and get a full refund within 30 days.

Basically you have nothing to lose because you can try the service and if you don’t like it you can get back all your money.

Insider investing capitalist exploits
"Insider" investing methods by Capitalist Exploits

"Insider" - You will get

When you sign up to “Insider” you get access to a membership area where you can find all investment ideas and trade alerts.

All investment, that were already sent earlier to subscribers, are available to download as PDFs. You will find around 70+ trade ideas that you can execute right now.

Moreover, in the membership area, you can find an overview of all Chris current investments. In addition, each investment has its own PDF file with details about each trade.

Subscribe to "Insider" and get

Insider service also includes weekly newsletters where Capitals Exploits share what they currently monitor and analyze. Plus some bonus content.

Furthermore, in the monthly webinars team answer your questions. For your convenience, Capitals Exploits archives webinars so that you could watch them later.

In addition to that, you will get “how-to” guides on various investing topics such as long-short trades, bitcoin and other important topics.

"Insider" is perfect for various types of investors

Insider is a perfect service for an investor that aims to invest long-term with low-risk and wants huge gains. Basically, most people should invest long-term.

Unfortunately, most beginners start with day trading or swing trading, and in turn, spend a lot of time and still lose money in the end.

At the same time, the service “Insider” saves your valuable time which you can spend with your family or friends. You do not have to do your own research because it is already done by investment professionals with years of experience.

Regardless of your experience or location in the world, Insider provides you high-end investment research on opportunities targeting massive returns.

Take a look yourself. Click here to visit Insider

"Insider weekly"

Insider weekly” is very similar to “Insider” and sends you invitations to take a closer look at specific sectors. You will also get notifications about possible investment ideas that target huge gains.

Package “Insider weekly” is cheaper than the “Insider” and provides less detailed information about investments.

With each “Insider weekly newsletter you will 5 stocks that caught the attention of Capitalist Exploits. The authors share any thoughts, ideas and observations they have.

Insider Weekly features and pricing screenshot 2020
"Insider Weekly" features and pricing screenshot 2020

It is for every investor who wants to earn some money. You would be charged monthly. In any case, you can get full-refund if you don’t like the service.

Imagine. You can position your capital alongside professional hedge fund managers and investors. These are low-risk / high reward investment opportunities

Capitalist Exploits will send you 20 pages of the new trading and investment ideas each week. Each investment idea targets massive returns.

Check Insider examples here.

"Insider Weekly" TrustPilot Rating. Screenshot 2020

Who Is Behind Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits is managed by 4 professional money managers, investors and entrepreneurs where Chris Macintosh is the founder of Capitalist Exploits. Previously, he built several multi-million dollar businesses in the investment arena.

In ten years, one team member made 26x returns while another made 64x. Yes, he multiplied his investment by sixty-four times in ten years. And he is willing to share his investment ideas with others for ridiculously low prices.

Another team member, Jamie Keech recently talked about the importance of silver on youtube. Remember silver prices in May 2020? Jamie then in May suggested to buy silver. Look st silver price today and in May.

Certainly, all team members have huge experience in the industry. In fact, all of the trade ideas they share, they also execute with their own capital.

Basically, by purchasing Capitalist Exploits services you get access to how the members of the company manage their own investment portfolios.

team of Capitalist Exploits
Team of Capitalist Exploits

Can People Trust Capitalist Exploits?

In my opinion – yes. Firstly, this company is officially registered and the people behind are real persons. Furthermore, the company provides real research based on the experience and insights of the company members.

I personally saw a few of their investment insights. And you can too. Find out Hydrogen Investing opportunities in this PDF. It is an example of what exactly you would get when subscribed to “Insider“.  These investing ideas are well researched and described in detail.

Because of the nature of service, Capitalist Exploits have no access to your investments or your money. You choose when and where to invest by yourself on your own brokerage account.

They cannot simply take your money and disappear. Also, they are not a Scam, Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scheme or Multi-Level Marketing. Capitalist Exploits do not recruit any people and do not ask you to do so.

Capitalist Exploits Reviews

As for investment service, it is quite rare to have a high rating from reviewers, but Capitalist Exploits managed it. In fact, 63 users left a very positive review on Capitalist Exploits at Trustpilot at the time of writing this.

Moreover, most of the customers describe service as “best newsletter”, “simple to follow”, “thorough research” and “outstanding”.

You can see all Capitalist Exploits reviews at Trustpilot here.

Capitalist Exploits Customer Review 2020
Customer Reviews on Capitalist Exploits from Trustpilot in 2020

Important to know

Firstly, team members of Capitalist Exploits are NOT licensed to provide any personal investment advice or instruction to buy or sell anything. For this reason, they only share their own trade ideas and actions they do.

Secondly, the customer should have at least some experience in trading and investing to execute the trades. Moreover, the customer must use his own brokerage account if he wants to invest. Capitalist Exploits recommend an international market broker, like Interactive Brokers, in order to execute all trades.

Thirdly, the newsletters do not include any algorithms or any expert advisors. The Services offered by Capitalist Exploits will not trade automatically because Capitalist Exploits provide you only information and insights about various investments.

Keep in mind that the customer is always responsible for his own investments and funds.

Investment Ideas That Can Change Your Life

Capital exploits provide the highest quality information about the economy and investing insights. Get all this information by subscribing to their services.

Insider (annual) – Many investment ideas with execution instructions

Insider Weekly – Weekly investment idea

Free Hedgies Uncut – Private telegram channel of fund managers

These investing insights will make your investing safer and more profitable. You will learn money management and how to invest smart.

For example “Insider” is perfect for investors who have no time to do their own research. Also, Insider can help if you want to invest but don’t know where to.

Capitalist Exploits is a real, registered company with real people behind. Moreover, it is not a Scam or a marketing strategy. It is a legit company with professionals on board.

The team of Capitalist Exploits allows you to follow and copy their investments. In addition, all investment decisions are explained in detail. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so basically you have nothing to lose in testing their services.

Click here to learn more about Capital Exploits newsletter “Insider”

Written by R. Mitkus

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