GoldSilberShop Review 2020 – Buy Gold and Silver in Germany

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GoldSilberShop sells, stores and buys gold, silver, platinum, palladium and even diamonds in Germany. A huge number of positive customer reviews ensure professional service for every investor.

This post is a short and concentrated review of GoldSilberShop.

So What is GoldSilberShop?

GoldSilberShop is a brand that specializes in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and even diamond products. In fact, the company sells, buys and stores all precious metals products. The brand was found in 2012 and belongs to the SOLIT Management GmbH group from 2018.

Today, GoldSilberShop is one of the biggest precious metals dealers in Germany. Moreover, this company is an official dealer of Royal Canadian Mint and also a participant of the European coin dealer association. In other words, you can be sure about the highest quality customer service and safety. screenshot of the homepage
Screenshot of homepage

What offers GoldSilberShop? in short

The brand GoldSilberShop sells and buys physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium products. Moreover, the company also sells diamonds!

Like in any other online shop, you simply visit GoldSilberShop online, chose the product and order it. In the next days, the product will be shipped to your address.

The prices of the products update every 5 minutes to correspond to constantly varying prices in the global market.

What I like about GoldSilberShop that it shows the buy-back price of any product they sell. See the blue lines in the image below. It helps to choose products to invest in.

Moreover, they show the price per gram which helps to indicate the best deals.

Buy-back price shown at GoldSilberShop
Buy-back price shown at GoldSilberShop which tells you the spread between sale and purchase prices

While the company is located in Germany, it sends the products to the whole of Europe. Moreover, the shipping is always insured and with a tracking number.

Because the company is based in Germany, German laws apply to gold, silver and other precious metal investments.

Advantages of investing in Germany

In the whole of Europe investment-grade gold products are sold without any VAT-tax – be it coins, bars or bullion.

But, silver, platinum and palladium products are usually taxed with normal VAT-tax. In most of Europe, any form of silver has somewhere between 17% and 25% VAT-tax depending on the country where you buy it.

In Germany, certain silver products (silver coins and coin bars) are taxed with the lower VAT, which is only around 7%. Secondly, in Germany, capital gains from the sale of gold, silver, platinum or palladium products are not subject to the final withholding tax. In fact, they are completely tax-free after a holding period of one year for private investors liable to taxation in Germany.

Unfortunately, starting in 2020, Germany reduced the maximum anonymous purchase value to EUR 1999.99. Now, the transactions from EUR 2000 require identity checks in accordance with the Money Laundering Act.

However, you should do your own research to find all the details about taxes. Consult your accountant if needed.

Gold or silver as a gift

GoldSilberShop also offers various gift ideas based on gold and silver – for example, luxury packed gold coins for weeding. Gold or silver gifts in most cases are much more luxurious than cash in a brief or anything else.

Imagine yourself as a guest at the wedding, and as a gift, you bring a luxury packed gold coin or small bar. In fact, such gift increases in value over time!

Another great idea is to gift gold or silver to a baby. When he or she will reach 18 years, gold or silver will be worth much more than today.

Check gold and silver gifts at GoldSilberShop to find more ideas for your event.

GoldSilberShop gold gift ideas
GoldSilberShop gold gift ideas for weddings, birth or other event

Safety offered by GoldSilberShop

Have you ever thought about the safety of your gold or silver coins, keys or other secret data?

GoldSilberShop can help to hide your most valuable items in secret mini-storages that look just like casual items! Look at the image below.

These special mini-storages offer you high security because nobody will ever steal batteries or screwdriver from the drawer! You can find all the secret mini-storages at GoldSilberShop.

Secret mini-storages offered by GoldSilberShop for gold silver or other precious small things
Secret mini-storages offered by GoldSilberShop for gold silver or other precious small things

Shipping offered by GoldSilberShop

GoldSilberShop ships all products both in Germany and in Europe. If you want to find exact shipping prices to a specific location, check all GoldSilberShop shipping fees.

No indication of the contents appear on the package, both visually or when shaken. In fact, your goods are packed under cameras and participation of a minimum of 2 people.

Moreover, every package is shipped with a tracking number and insured.

When buying bars of physical gold, silver or other precious metals for higher value, special transport will be used and an appointment will be made.

On the other hand, if you prefer to purchase gold, silver or other precious metals anonymously and you are in Germany, you can order any precious metals and pick them up at one of the GoldSilverShop stores in Germany.

Payment methods at GoldSilberShop

GoldSilberShop accepts bank transfers, cash and Paydirekt (it is like the German version of Paypal).

Bank transfer is the best method because it is free (there can be a few cents, depends on the bank). However, it must be done manually. After the purchase, you will get an invoice and you have to transfer the required money amount.

In the case of using Paydirekt, your order is secured by the Paydirekt buyer protection, but you will be charged 1.2% of the shopping cart value + EUR 0.35. When buying precious metals, the sum equal to 1.2% of your shopping cart value can be a huge sum.

The third method is to pay in cash, but this approach requires visiting and picking up your precious metals in one of the hundreds of GoldSilberShop stores in Germany.

It must be mentioned, when picking up your metals in the store, a service charge of EUR 119.90 will apply, which is usually much higher than insured and tracked shipping (which starts at EUR 10 inside Germany).

It is worth to collect your purchase in the store when you prefer to buy metals anonymously. Unfortunately, starting in 2020, Germany allows you to buy gold, silver, platinum, palladium or diamonds for up to EUR 1999.99 anonymously. If your invoice is bigger, you must provide your identity because of the Money Laundering Act.

GoldSilberShop customer reviews

GoldSilberShop is officially evaluated as one of the best gold, silver, platinum and palladium dealers in Germany and is awarded with many Best Dealer titles. Awards
Awards of GoldSilberShop

On the internet, you can easily find thousands of reviews of GoldSilberShop, which shows that the company had thousands of clients already and is well-known in Germany.

In fact, many of their customers left very positive reviews on the internet.

I am personally also very satisfied with their service. collage of reviews collected from the internet 2020
Collage of reviews collected from the internet on GoldSilberShop

Invest low - GoldSilberShop Saving Plan

You can build your wealth by investing regularly the small amounts (let’s say EUR 50/month) into gold and silver with the GoldSilberShop saving plan. It works just like saving accounts, where each month you transfer some of your money and that money is invested in real, physical precious metals.

You can choose to invest in several precious metals at the time or only in specific metal, such as gold.

To get more information about saving plan visit the GoldSilberShop website. in short

In conclusion

GoldSilberShop are real professionals in gold, silver and other precious metals field. The company sells, stores and buys physical precious metals. Moreover, they have a lot of information regarding investing topics and always will help you with any other investing problems.

With a high number of positive customer evaluations, the highest possible ranking by Focus Money magazine and official participation in the European coin dealer association you can be sure to get the highest quality service and lowest prices for gold and silver products with GoldSilberShop.

I really like that they publicly show the buy-back price of the products. You can locate fast which products might be better to invest in. Moreover, they also show the price per gram which allows easier comparison between products.

Finally, Germany is a great place to invest in gold, silver and other precious metals because of great investment conditions. Especially investing in silver is very cheap because of low VAT-tax, applicable only in Germany.

Simply visit the GoldSilberShop product homepage and find your gold, silver or other precious metal investment you are looking for.

IMPORTANT: These 12 Tips and Tricks for Investing in Gold and Silver can provide you essential information before buying gold and silver.

Written by R. Mitkus

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