Trade Ideas stock scanner Review 2020 – Automatic trading with AI

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Trade Ideas stock scanner filters the stock market for you and offers automatic trading with Artificial Intelligence. It has a very powerfull demo version and free trading chat room. All details inside

What is Trade Ideas stock scanner?

Trade Ideas is an automated trading software that used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to execute the trades or get real-time alerts. These alerts include price targets and suggested hold times.

Furthermore, this stock scanner filter stocks for you according to the filters you set. It is a computer program on your computer that does all the stock market filtering, scanning and screening work for you.

It can save you a lot of time which you can use for family, hobbies or research. At the same time, you can find great investing opportunities.

The best part is that Trade Ideas allows you to use Artificial Intelligence to automatically trade for you. You can connect your broker with Trade Ideas automated AI trading.

Trade Ideas offer

In my opinion, Trade Ideas is the best for scalpels, day traders and swing traders, while investors can take advantage even of FREE demo version of Trade Ideas.

Automated trading and stock filtering software

Trade ideas offer two subscription-based services – Premium and Standard.

Premium Trade Ideas subscription allows you to use automated trading with Artificial Intelligence. It runs over a million trades overnight to determine the best, statistically tested strategies and presents them to you. Premium Trade Ideas subscription also includes autotrading, back testing, entry-exit signals and much more.

On the other hand, the Standard Trade Ideas subscription allows you to use stock market scanning and filtering tools. These tools also include price alerts, simulated trading, visual trade assistant and access to Live trading room.

Current prices of these products you can find on Trade Ideas pricing page.

That’s how Trade Ideas on your computer screen looks like. Click picture to zoom in.

Screenshot of Trade Ideas stock scanner
Screenshot of Trade Ideas stock scanner. You can set any filter or trigger you want and the software will alert you in real-time

Stock scanner in Trade Ideas

In the picture above, a lot of data is presented: alerts, filters, strategy windows. For example, Trade ideas can be used as a gap scanner. Charting, back-testing and brokerage tools are also available.

While it can look overwhelming at the beginning, these are the tools that might change how you trade and invest. Exist thousands of profitable trading and investing strategies, that require a lot of research and statistical data. Trade Ideas can do research for you and much faster than you.

Back testing Trade Ideas

With Trade Ideas you can backtest the market. You simply set your entry/exit/hold conditions and the system visualizes possible returns for you. It uses historical data and Artificial Intelligence to test the profitability of your strategy.

Back testing with Trade Ideas is very simple to set up and does not require any programming knowledge.

However, to use this feature you must subscribe to a Premium plan of Trade Ideas.

Filtering example

As an example, you can set a filter to show you only the stocks, that have reached their 90-day low and had at least 300,000 shares traded today. You can also use a filter library or you can create your own filters.

The best part is, that it does not require any programming at all. You simply drag and drop respective blocks and that’s it. Moreover, this video playlist explains how to use Trade Ideas scanner.

Look at the picture below. Click picture to zoom in.

Screenshot of Trade Ideas software alert and list configuration
Huge variety of available filters makes Trade Ideas software very simple

Trade Ideas and earning reports

Software Trade Ideas can scan and filter when and what companies will report their earnings. Company earnings are important because good numbers usually increase stock price.

Trade Ideas currently offers a free e-book on how to configure Trade Ideas to show company earnings.

The e-book also contains some good tips on how to trade during earnings season. You can download the e-book here.

Trade Ideas free features and software

Trade Ideas offers many free options, including FREE Live Trading Room, free newsletter with a trade idea every week, and a free demo version of filtering software.

Demo version of Trade Ideas should be used by many investors because it provides a lot of great information about the market – for free. You can use many filters and alerts. However, all market data in Trade Ideas demo version is delayed by 20 minutes. Test Trade Ideas software yourself by downloading FREE Trade Ideas PRO AI version to your computer.

Furthermore, you can subscribe to free Trade Ideas newsletter and you will get every Monday a trade idea, together with the chart and reason for that trade. You can subscribe to Trade Ideas newsletter here.

In addition, you can join Trade Ideas FREE live trading and chat room to interact with Trade Ideas team and community!

Get the pro version of Trade Ideas (Premium subscription) and enjoy automated trading with artificial intelligence. In fact, Trade Ideas was awarded as Best Machine Learning Development in 2019.

Every quarter, Trade Ideas offer to test the full version of Trade Ideas Premium for free. Register here to get notified about the event.

Written by R. Mitkus

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